Blackbox Stocks at J&M Option Trading- Why over 5,000 traders trust this #1 Options Flow Service

Blackbox Stocks at J&M Option Trading- Why over 5,000 traders trust this #1 Options Flow Service
Many of our traders here at J&M Option Trading are avid supporters of Blackbox Stocks; having recently crossed it’s 5,000 member mark it’s easy to see why this options flow service has risen above the competition! With their fast, reliable, and easy to navigate online platform, Blackbox has become an essential tool for novice and experienced options traders alike. 

What is Options Flow? 

Options flow data is a powerful tool in identifying where “BIG MONEY” or “SMART MONEY” is trading. Specifically, Blackbox Stocks tracks and identifies the flow of options sweeps purchased or sold throughout the day, everyday, and provides you this data in real time. Options sweeps are large orders for a specific option, broken down into a number of smaller orders that can be filled more quickly. Hence the name "sweep", these smaller orders sweep different exchanges to not only get the best price on the market, but to fill the larger originating order faster. For retail traders like us, being able to see where “big money” or “smart money” (big players in the market such as institutional traders and market makers) are trading can help us to answer the when/where/why for our own trades. Put simply, options flow can help us to trade with Wall St., not against it.

Why You Need Blackbox Stocks in Your Trading Setup:

With a breadth of data coming in every second, it can quickly become difficult to discern what to pay attention to and what is simply noise. It may seem that learning to follow options flow is difficult and overwhelming. Blackbox sets out to make this otherwise daunting task simple, and more importantly, timely. In such a fast-paced market, having LIVE options flow data in your toolbox can mean the difference between a profit or a loss. While having the data in hand is essential, it’s really only half of the equation—you must be able to interpret this data in order to act quickly!

This is where Blackbox Stocks excels. The LIVE data is interpreted by their exclusive platform, and then uniquely organized and color-coded, to present you with the most important options flow and sweeps at any given moment. With tools that can filter, organize, identify, and highlight various options flows, you will gain an edge in the market against the average trader. From their “Pre-Market Scanner” which displays the top 40 stocks with the largest price increases/decreases prior to the open, to their “Algo-Driven Alert Log” which consistently alerts to the biggest profit opportunities in the market, Blackbox constantly helps to inform your decisions throughout each trading session, and also properly position you to identify your next big win. 

Join Blackbox Stocks and J&M Option Trading for the real deal!

Here at J&M Option Trading we are proud to partner with Blackbox Stocks— one of our favorite options flow providers. Join today by clicking the link below and receive an exclusive discount on your Blackbox Stocks Membership.

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